Make a Fuss!

Call the White House 1-202-456-1111

The opportunity to defend Life never goes away. Speak up today!

A push is being made by supporters of Planned Parenthood to flood the White House comment line with complaints voicing their unhappiness with the removal of funding for Planned Parenthood (read abortion and all akin) in the stimulus package. It’s your turn, Happy Warrior, to speak up for life yet again. Please call the White House and ask to comment on the “stimulus package” then thank the powers that be for the removal of this funding and expressing the desire for it not to be re-instated in any form.

Super Bowl Bid Rejection by NBC

Super Bowl Bid Rejection of a  Pro-life Ad

The Super Bowl, known for its advertisements, as well as football and hoopla, won’t be showing  the ad.

Please don’t sit on the Super Bowl sidelines for this one..  All the noise that erupts on Sunday shouldn’t hold a candle to the voices of Catholics, Christians and all pro-life people who are in the majority on this one..

Thanks go to Matt Gardocki for  hunting down these  email addresses for Julie, the Happy Catholic
President and CEO, NBC Universal
President and COO, Universal Television Group
In charge of Broadcast Standards
President, NBC Sports
Executive VP Studios & Broadcast Operations

Senior VP Advertising & Media Sales, NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution
VP Affiliate Advertising and Promotion Services, NBC Entertainment
Chairman, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics
VP Communications and Marketing, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics
Director of Program Standards

Imitation of Christ

Thomas a’ Kempis:

On asking for God’s help and believing you will regain His grace

The voice of the Lord: “My son, I am the Lord, a stronghold in the day of trouble.  Come to Me when things are hard for you.  The greatest obstacle to heavenly comfort is your slowness in turning to prayer.  Before you start praying to me in earnest, you look for comfort of every kind and try to find relief for your soul in external things and so you find little help in any of them.  In the end you have to realize that I am the One that saves men when they put their trust in Me and that outside of me there is no effective aid, no reliable counsel, no lasting remedy.  But when your spirit revives after the storm, you shall grow strong again beneath the clear sky of My mercies.  I am near, says the Lord, to restore all things.  Not merely to their former state but adding heaped up, overflowing, riches.  Is any task too difficult for Me?  Shall I be like a man who promises and does not keep his word?  Where is your faith?  Take a firm stand and persevere.  Show patience and courage.  Comfort will come to you in due time.  Wait for Me.  Wait.  I will come and heal you.

In Other Words

The secular world looks upon Jesus, deemed irrelevant, and says,  “Crucify Him!”

President Barak Obama looks upon the Church and it’s voiced opposition to the gospel of Death  and says, “I won!”   In other words, “Crucify Him!”

Nancy Pelosi looks upon the teachings of the Church (her Church?) and it’s proclamation of the Gospel of Life.  Then, with political and pragmatic correctness, hammer and nails in hand, pronounces, in effec,t that Life costs too much.  So,we hear again, “Crucify Him!”

Cheap Talk

For all his inaugural eloquence, President Obama can’t walk the talk. His lips say, “For as much as government can do and must do, it is ultimately the faith and determination of the American people upon which this nation relies …” Rightly, he adds, that it is, “a parent’s willingness to nurture a child, that finally decides our fate.” Yet, Barak Hussein Obama is the pre-eminent obstacle to such nurture. He refuses to nurture the unborn child within the American womb. He, in fact, supports abortion on the world stage as well. In the coming days, American dollars will once again fund the death of innocents around the world. Barak Hussein Obama, who in his inaugural decried, “those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents,”  lifted the ban that Bush reinstated in 2001 known as the Mexico City Policy. Reagan instituted this policy in 1984 to stop U.S. funds from paying for counseling, promoting abortion and providing abortions internationally. The revocation engenders “slaughtering innocents” on a grand worldwide scale. However, Obama will be even handed. He plans to empty wombs at home as well as abroad. So much for eloquence. Actions still speak louder than words.

Get the Picture

Here’s the vision as it was related to me.  You and I squeak pass the Pearly Gates.  People of all ages overwhelm even our enhanced understanding of the generations descended from Adam and Eve.  We can’t wait to embrace them.  Instantly, we know their stories.  These are those who lived Salvation history.  “What was it like?”,  we ask over and again?   These, after all, are those who walked dry shod through the walls of water escaping Pharaoh’s chariots.  Here, too,  are the masses who had pressed upon the Christ.  They’d witnessed the manner and miracles of Jesus.  Some has eaten the bread and fish He’d multiplied.  Others admitted that they had shouted, “Crucify Him.”  Others had stood along the way as He pushed on to Calvary. The martyrs from all past centuries were among the most joyful.  They now rejoiced that their blood shed for Christ seeded the proceeding eons to bear fruit in such as we.  For all our eagerness to express our gratitude to them and give glory to God, they pressed the more upon us for their need to know our stories.  “Tell us,”  they asked, “how black did the times become when men who pretend to knowledge denied life in the womb.  How dark were the days in which the hearts of mothers died, choosing  to bring forth corpses instead of  living children.  You, who lived with blindness and deafness,  how did you survive?  Like Peter, was it repentance that  re-ignited your flame?   How did you find courage walking  the Valley of the Shadow of Death?  How bright was the Light that brought you home?”