Imitation of Christ

Thomas a’ Kempis:

On asking for God’s help and believing you will regain His grace

The voice of the Lord: “My son, I am the Lord, a stronghold in the day of trouble.  Come to Me when things are hard for you.  The greatest obstacle to heavenly comfort is your slowness in turning to prayer.  Before you start praying to me in earnest, you look for comfort of every kind and try to find relief for your soul in external things and so you find little help in any of them.  In the end you have to realize that I am the One that saves men when they put their trust in Me and that outside of me there is no effective aid, no reliable counsel, no lasting remedy.  But when your spirit revives after the storm, you shall grow strong again beneath the clear sky of My mercies.  I am near, says the Lord, to restore all things.  Not merely to their former state but adding heaped up, overflowing, riches.  Is any task too difficult for Me?  Shall I be like a man who promises and does not keep his word?  Where is your faith?  Take a firm stand and persevere.  Show patience and courage.  Comfort will come to you in due time.  Wait for Me.  Wait.  I will come and heal you.

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