Thinking about Communion

Another day in which to praise the Lord.  So again we begin.  That’s how I feel, that I am always at the beginning, trying to live just one day as I ought.  In this day and age, many people despise the word “ought.”  It may be that “ought” presumes some actual Truth and Lawgiver.  How gosh in this so sophisticated an age.  Though finding the Truth does wonders for our compass.   Take Communion:  “The Bread that I will give is My flesh, for the life of the world.” John 6:52 “This is My Body, that is for you.  Do this in remembrance of Me.” 1 Cor 11:24  This morning once again I will receive the Lord of Lords in Holy Communion.  At least, today, since I am thinking about it out loud, I can see that on most mornings I do this with little thought.  Here is how Thomas a’Kempis put it:

Solomon, the wisest of the kings of Israel, spent seven years building a magnificent temple in praise of Your name, and celebrated its dedication with a feast of eight days. He offered a thousand victims in Your honor and solemnly bore the Ark of the Covenant with trumpeting and jubilation to the place prepared for it; and I, unhappy and poorest of men, how shall I lead You into my house, I who scarcely can spend a half-hour devoutly — would that I could spend even that as I ought!

O my God, how hard these men tried to please You! Alas, how little is all that I do! How short the time I spend in preparing for Communion! I am seldom wholly recollected, and very seldom, indeed, entirely free from distraction. Yet surely in the presence of Your life-giving Godhead no unbecoming thought should arise and no creature possess my heart, for I am about to receive as my guest, not an angel, but the very Lord of angels.

Not to be deterred, I remember,too, Jesus’ words, “Come to Me. all you that labor and are burdened, and I will refresh you.” Matt 11:28  I am often my biggest burden but I have great hope for me.  Is it any wonder with so generous a God?

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