Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!

Are you ready for today?  Scads of you probably aren’t, and will be scurrying around for those quick and easy Valentine bouquets at the supermarket.  As a woman, I can tell you, they work just fine.  This year buying them will also give the economy some much needed love $$$$.

Remembering last year, still conjures up a smile and warm fuzzies.  It wasn’t a valentine that came my way, but a sight that cheered many.  A young man in a tuxedo sang love songs, his music blasting into the  parking lot, as he sold Valentine bouquets out of a van.  Mostly men helped him do a bang-up business.  The women hung around or were smiling as they passed.  Ah, the human spirit.  Ah, the entrepreneurial spirit.  Hope I spot him again today.  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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