A Prayer from St. Teresa of Avila

I am yours and for you I was born:

What do you want from me?

I am yours because you created me,

Yours because you redeemed me,

Yours because you called me to you,

Yours because you also waited for me,

And did not have me condemned.

What do you want of me?

See, here is my heart.

I place it in your hand,

Together with my body and my soul.

My inmost feelings and my love;

Dear Husband and Redeemer,

Since I have given myself to you,

What do you want from me?

Lenten Reading Plan – Day 26 – Mar 26

crucificionicon12Day26Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan 3/26/09

St. Athanasius: Life of Anthony: 51-60

Day 26 Lite Version

St. Athanasius: Life of Anthony:42-49

Compilation of Lenten readings

Printer-Friendly Version of Outline: Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan PDF

Standing Up to the Rulers

The Anchoress reaches across the cyber-pond to find this gem. This voice of the people is Daniel Hannan undressing Parliament.  The Anchoress thanks Gerald Werner as do I.  Werner says:

“For anyone who has ever dreamed of being able to tell our rulers, to their faces, precisely what we think of them, Daniel Hannan’s recently posted video of himself doing exactly that to Gordon Brown in the European Parliament is compulsive viewing.”