Yahweh – Angela Chibalonza

The Six Fingered Man

A statement General Petraeus made to Congress when he began what seemed to many people like mission impossible: “Hard is not hopeless.” The Princess Bride’s Inigo Montoya is just as determined:

or as some would have it with light sabers!

Martin Luther King Jr. Would Weep

Arizona Rep. Trent Franks states the facts:

“An astonishing 50% of African-American babies are killed by abortion,and nearly 80% of abortion clinics are deliberately located in or near predominantly minority neighborhoods.”

Ultimately, Franks says “a minority baby is five times more likely to be aborted than a white child.”

Planned Parenthood doesn’t need bullets to reach it’s targets. You have only to look at where they locate their clinics and count them to note the disproportionate number in minority neighborhoods as well as abortion numbers among minorities to realize PP’s aim.  Franks refreshes the American memory of the words of Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger when he recalls that the abortion industry’s biggest secret is that their entire movement was largely founded by eugenicists like Margaret Sanger who said:

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

Would Martin Luther King, Jr. weep?  The battle for civil rights continues as the weakest, the poorest and the youngest are disregarded and discarded daily and genocide goes on in the guise of “health care”.

Save the World


“In the pages of an ancient history of the Carmelite Order (written in mediaeval Latin by a
priest named Fr. Marianus Ventimiglia), published in 1773 in Naples, we find this historical

“Three famous men of God met on a street corner in Rome. They were Friar Dominic, busy
gathering recruits to a new Religious Order of Preachers; Brother Francis, the friend of birds
and beasts and especially dear to the poor; and Angelus, who had been invited to Rome
from Mount Carmel, in Palestine, because of his fame as a preacher. At their chance
meeting, by the light of the Holy Spirit each of the three men recognized each other and, in the
course of their conversation (as recorded by various followers who were present), they made
prophecies to each other. Saint Angelus foretold the stigmata of Saint Francis, and Saint
Dominic said:

“One day, Brother Angelus, to your Order of Carmel
the Most Blessed Virgin Mary will give a devotion to
be known as the Brown Scapular, and to my Order of
Preachers she will give a devotion to be known as
the Rosary.

Manifesting the Bit by Bit and Hidden Evil

Os Guinness in his discourse “Addressing the Question of Evil In An Age of Genocide and Terror” dialogues on the questions of evil: “Where on earth does evil come from? How are we to understand evil?” Guinness asks us to consider the possibility of magnifying evil in modern times:

“The dreadful evil of the Final Solution was not carried out by monsters. Hitler was a monster.  Goring was a monster. Goebbels… They were monstrous. They didn’t carry any of it out. It was carried out by millions, and millions and millions of “good ordinary people.”

“You could see how in a world of bureaucracy with division of labor and diffusion of responsibility and a distancing,.. people don’t actually see the effects of the decisions they make.   You can see how a modern world and its procedures and its way of doing things has made possible evil on a scale the world never imagined. (paraphrased)

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.- Edmund Burke