Mary, the Means by the Will of God

O Mary, living for Christ,
From the beginning, Immaculata,
As the Father willed,
Bring forth Christ for all mankind.
Make me the fruit of your holy labor.
Mary, the means and not the end,
Carry me within your bosom blest.
O Mary, living in me,
May I receive your thoughts and inspirations.
Let your heart beat with my own.
May your soul inflame my own.
May the soul of Christ,
One with yours
By His Holy Spirit espoused,
Be seed, substance and fruition in me.
Christ, living in your soul,
Extend His victory in me
As your protectorate,
That the Conqueror now conquer me.
May the angels wonder at my change,
As your light and inspirations
Become my constant delight.
O, you who are all grace by the Word of God,
Supply the grace for good to me,
As your hands received their holy orders
From Him who held all sway over your being.
Be in me, the gracious gift of God,
As is all grace.
All is grace and gratitude
To His glory and your merit.
I am abandoned.
You are adorned.
I am conformed.
Christ is adored.

6 thoughts on “Mary, the Means by the Will of God

  1. Your poem is a prayer each of us can say. It reminds me that last Sunday (a week ago when we were in St. Louis) after Mass a man came up to the table we were sitting at for coffee. He gave us a picture titled, “Our Lady of Confidence” and told us the story of her painting. If we look at it every day and say, “My Mother, my Confidence” we will receive all the graces needed to stay on the right path. This image shows Mary holding Jesus in her arms. The baby Jesus is pointing to Mary, telling us to go to her. I know I can’t get anywhere close to God without her.

    • Thank you Barb. Imagine how much Jesus loved His Mother. I imagine the little Jesus holding her face between him little hands and loving her with His eyes.

  2. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God.

    Wonderful poem! Thank you. As a former Protestant, it took me a while to become accustomed to the veneration of the Blessed Mother. But now I love her, and seek to honor the Son by honoring His mother.


    • How wonderful, Evan! Jesus, of course, honored His Mother more than any of us can imagine, simply by residing in her womb and growing within her moment by moment, taking His life from her and her bridegroom, the Holy Spirit. He added divinity to human history. We have a great destiny ahead of us, “should we choose to accept it” as “Mission Impossible” used to say.

  3. That’s a very nice poem.

    When I was studying Genesis a few months ago, I thought about Eve being created as Adam’s “help meet” (KJV) and I made a connection with Mary under the title of “Our Lady of Perpetual Help,” one of my favorite titles for her.

    It just really is a true title for her, as is “Mary, Help of Christians.”

    • Thank you. Our Lady of Perpetual Help is very dear to me. When I was writing icons I did two of this prototype. I especially love the figure of Jesus with his little sandal hanging by a cord. I was told it signifies those who needed salvation and were hanging as by a thread.

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