Turning to God

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Father God, how great is Your generosity!
It is meritorious to turn to You.
My treasure in heaven must be spilling over,
For I have a wondering mind that flits about,
Especially at times of prayer.

I make every effort
To pursue the rogue servant
To take it captive.
I place it at Your feet.

What a grace!
For, if like a fool, it wanders a thousand times,
Then a thousand times I approach You in humility,
And drag back to You my errant slave.

If the battle be but for my attention,
So be it!
I will do battle.

If my gift to You be my little struggles,
So be it!
I will wrestle all Hell to be with You,
And by Your Mercy,
You are glorified.

If the way back to You is tortuous,
So much more will be Your glory.

By Joann Nelander

8 thoughts on “Turning to God

  1. I can relate to everything you say. My mind seems to have a “mind” of its own! It wanders like crazy, so staying focused on prayer and other spiritual disciplines is extremely difficult. Can I offer even these small struggles to God? Perhaps…


    • “Offer it up” “Offer it up” If you suffer it, why suffer for nothing?
      The Pope recently quoted Julianne of Norwich,””And all will be well,” “everything will be for the good”
      B16 says, “In the mysterious designs of Providence, even from evil, God draws a greater good.”

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