The Cross – A Mystery

c. 1632

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The Cross is a Mystery.
It is also a Reality.
It is always heavy,
To one bereft of help.

Help, but a prayer away,
If you would only ask!
A simple, whispered prayer to Jesus,
Brings ministering spirits to your side.

Angels with the strength of mountains,
Saints of steady calm,
Come lifting earthly burdens
And stilling threatening storm.

The Cross, indeed, a Mystery,
Where Man and Matter meet
And bow before the Will of God
To vanquish and defeat.

Bring forth the Good from Evil,
Resurrection from the Dead.
The Cross works upon a man
To grow his soul and pay his debt.

By Joann Nelander


2 thoughts on “The Cross – A Mystery

  1. The Cross of Christ shows the awesome forgiving heart of Immanuel!

    Jesus poured His soul out unto death on the cross in order to defeat Satan, sin and death and gain for true believers in Him precious access to God’s glorious presence!

    The Cross of Christ reminds us that God must judge sin and that “the wages of sin is death”.

    The Cross of Christ reminds us also of how obedient, courageous and compassionate Our righteous King Jesus is!
    Our most precious friend and LORD gave His life to

    We see the sinless redeemer of sinners hanging on the cross. God confirms this truth by triumphantly resurrecting Jesus.

    Today the risen Jesus sits on heaven’s highest throne as Our kind-hearted intercessor and will soon return to earth as Judge!

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