One Shot Wednesday – Week 35

Time again for One Shot Wednesday.

Here’s my one shot:

With You In Mind

Still unfolding in Time,
God built the Universe
With you in mind.
Matter abounds in precise measure,
Yet only mind cares
To count the treasure.

The Nature of Reality
Weighs only upon Man.
Mind, immaterial,
Counts on Science to understand.
But mensuration once obtained
Must be thought to think things through,
But since a thought can’t be weighed or measured.
How scientifically construed?

Mind, in this life,
On matter dependent,
Ideas, ethereal,
Yet vaulted resplendent.
Archiving the conceptual
Memories bound to a brain,
Quantifying the great
And trifles mundane.

Man alone of all Creation
Takes the world apart
To see why the tickings
And the tocks.
Challenges, stirred
By matter-less imagination,
End when no greater thought
Can be thought in our machinations.

Only then do we arrive
At the God we accuse,
Of being a non-being All-being
And betray and abuse.
Still He points to the stars
And Man more numerous,
Assuring His intention
Was never injurious.

Life from the stars?
Far-flung seeds of Creation?
Enduring, maturing,
While from the beginning,
The God in the dock
Willing our Salvation.

Copyright © 2011 Joann Nelander  All rights reserved.


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12 thoughts on “One Shot Wednesday – Week 35

  1. thought provoking…stay blessed.

    Please feel free to share 1 to 3 poems with our potluck poetry today, first time participants could use old poems or poems unrelated to our theme, Thanks..
    Happy Monday!

  2. That mind, which we are so proud of, is a gift in itself… a gift to be thanked for, and used appropriately…
    And in doing so, we honor it and THE ONE that gifted it to us…

    I like how your poem progressed, my friend… from a measured reality, towards a felt presence… really, a beautiful One Shot!

  3. Tough challenge – to write a poem that tries to get its head around something it believes one just can’t get their head around. If God Is, then the only contemplation is that of awe and wonder and majesty. When I me mine steps out of the way. Nice poem. — Brendan

    • Thanks for commenting Brendan. I’m with you on “awe, and wonder and majesty.” Not being able to get my head around it puts me in there with some biggies like Steven Hawkings who reportedly said, “few people [meaning scientists] took the idea of the beginning of the Universe seriously” and “If you blow up a pile of bricks, you don’t get a building, it’s stupid.” Still fun for even little brains to contemplate with thought immaterial.

  4. This is a really good poem–akin to how I write (which I don’t see much of).
    I can tell by the poem’s precision and crafting that you have a highly developed thought process and healthy curiosity for asking leading questions.
    I did not see any reference to the “aesthetic” nor mention of the “feeling” world. I find it interesting that most of the things that humans find important are associated with feelings–peace, happiness, love, health, joy, laughter and even fulfillment. It’s funny that our culture really doesn’t acknowledge the power and importance of “feeling”. I guess the rationale is that “feeling” is something that unpredictably befalls women at the most peculiar times. However , for me, a Cancerian, born on the 4th of July, “feeling’ is my compass and magnet.
    Very good job.
    PS “As above so below”

  5. think we tend to try taking things apart to make them more clear to us – and sometimes on the way, instead of coming closer, getting further away from the mistery..

    • It’s consciousness, itself, that is so fascinating. Some believe, it’s all only matter and yet to contemplate matter must depend on brains (matter) and thought (immaterial yet capable of effecting matter.) When you get as far as life after death, the mystery really begins. It’s obviously, too, much for me, but I can’t help playing. Oh, for a bigger brain! However, there is still the mystery and more.

  6. intriguing…i wonder if that desire to take things apart to see how they work is actually from our desire to create given us by the creator if only we did not have to destroy…

    • Destruction is, itself, a mystery. Take the Big Bang. Was it destruction of whatever was banged and went speeding to the limits of the newly forming Universe; particles, gases, stars exploding and reorganizing. Theories abound but the theories are thought and consciousness and bring us, wee mortals, to finally contemplate God, and in that, His greatness and Otherness. “‘And all shall be well. And all manner of things shall be well”

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