Poetry Potluck – Week 27

Jingle Poetry presents this week’s  edition(27th) of Poetry Potluck Monday.

The Price

Weighing words, I watch your eyes.
I filter, measure, disqualify, distrust.
Face value is of no value,
Watch for the tell.

Life was good before the lies.
Your eyes glistened.
I believed in truth.
Now, our eyes never meet.

Copyright Joann Nelander © 2011  All rights reserved

One Shot Wednesday – Week 38

One Shot Wednesday – Time again to read and write.  Let the fun begin!

Here’s my one shot:

The Breech

How great is the distance between us?
Some would say,
The span from East to West,
Or measure in miles the chasm
Stretching from Heaven to Hell.
Others count the centuries,
Since Your earthly Presence
In hallowed flesh.

There is no numbering
Eternity or Divinity.
You are closer than my breath.
Your Heart beats within my breast.
Day by day,
Nay, moment by moment,
I pick up Your rhythm.

Traversing the breech,
You make me Your own.
Small, but beloved,
I repose in willful abandonment.
Grace-filled faith,
A movement,
Not a measure,
Soars to the heavens,
In flights of trust in You.

Copyright © 2011 Joann Nelander   All rights reserved.

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