One Shot Poetry Wednesday – Week 43

One Shot Wednesday –  It’s that time again!  Here’s my one shot for Easter Week.

Courts of Praise

Thank you, my Lord, for my life long,
For beloved family and friends,
And all dear hearts touching mine.

My treasure trove of souls
Spills far beyond my time
To number as my own
Those who have gone before,
Your saints of ages past,
The cloud of witnesses on high
And pure angelic beings
In realms veiled from the eye.

There never was a day
In which I was alone,
Nor forgotten
Before Your throne.

There, at Your feet,
All heaven sweet anthems raise,
To set celestial hearts ablaze.
My heart, in chorus,
Swells, dilating in love,
Grown great in gratitude.

Beside Your All Love,
I make small return.
You count my debt as paid,
And bid me enter courts of praise.

Copyright Joann Nelander © 2011   All rights reserved.

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The Grace

All I can do is remain faithful,
When You are no where to be found.
You made promises,
And I answered, ”I believe.”

Now, I am left with my belief,
Bereft of vision.
Only memory sustains me.

I remember You,
And our days of love.
The world stole in with lies.
I would not listen.
The world would not relent.

It, too, made promises,
Promises it could not keep.
They, though, were sweet,
But always somewhere
Vinegar, an aftertaste.

I learned to discern,
To seek the light.
To fight the war with Faith,
Burnishing the Spirit sword,
And to wait.

I wait now.
I wait still.
I resolve to wait forever, if need be,
When You are no where to be found.

You made promises
And I answered, “I believe.”
Your grace – that I still do!

©2011 Joann Nelander All rights reserved