To Pope John Paul -written by Miriam Ellul

To Pope John Paul (written by Miriam Ellul, on the 2nd of April a few minutes before His death)

A father to the world

always there to forgive and listen

to all the troubles and smallest word

irrelevant of what religion.

Your sweet face behind that smile

with a tinge of sadness,

showed concern to all your children

scattered throughout the nations.

Thousands gathered beneath your window

waiting for your blessing,

and every Sunday, in health or sickness

never it went missing.

Young children gather to see your face

with that gentle loving look.

“Let the children come to me

’cause theirs is heaven’s kingdom”.

Thank you Pope for visiting our island

we never thought you will.

Thousands came on the granaries and

our dream you did fulfil.

We prayed to God, to relief your pain

and keep you safe in His embrace

until that day the world regrets,

when you meet Him in a better place.

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