One Shot Wednesday – Week 44

Poetry- time once again! O happy One Shot Wednesday!

Here’s my one shot:

Sweetly Count the Hours

Lord, I’ m offering You a new day.
Already, You know,
This isn’t going to be pretty.
I count on You to do
What You have always done.
Take the morsels
Which Your hand has touched,
As for the rest,
With one mighty
Exhalation of Holy Breath
Spirit the chaff away.
At days’ end,
As with all my yesterdays,
I will lay my head
Upon Your Breast,
And sweetly count
Our hours

Copyright Joann Nelander © 2011   All rights reserved.

Standing invitation to visit One Stop Poetry- Where Poets, Writers and Artists Meet.

It will cheer you, lift your spirits, brighten your mood. It goes a long way in stealing you away from the ho-hum humdrum. There is so much talent on display.

16 thoughts on “One Shot Wednesday – Week 44

  1. you blur the line between poetry and prayer — although i’m one of those people who say they can be one and the same 😉

    so beautiful, Joann….thank you

  2. I love lines two and three. I can almost feel the speaker taking in a sharp breath and bracing for the day ahead!

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