One Shot Wednesday – Week 50

Poetry- time once again, so here’s  One Shot Wednesday!

My one shot:

Shout for Happy

O holy saints of God,
Help Us to celebrate this day.
Bedeck our house in pure white lilies,
Picked by the hand of Love.
Such were the souls of Mary and Joseph,
As they journeyed forth to live the Father’s Will,
As they kept faith,

Bless the years that pass.
Bless the days that be.
Our youth God entwined,
Weaving gold out of straw,
Fashioning a cord that bound us
Ever so close in dreams of love.

O, Holy Love,
Your fiber of Being,
Imperceptible, yet alive,
Knit the garment of our marriage.
As we gifted each other
With our very lives
And lived the Promise.

Taking pleasure in each other,
And the mystery You impart,
Mutual donation and happy hopes
Gave substance to our youthful reveries.
Soon, You delighted Your children with children
To sweeten the wine we sipped.

You never waited on our understanding or perfection .
You built rather on duty and faith,
Married unto eternity.
Your sacrament enfleshed in our lives as grace,
Filled our days with laughter amid challenge,
Befriended us in friends ,
As a corsage of heart and healing.

You opened the door of opportunity,
And we feared not to enter in.
Receiving in the womb, Your joy and plenteous reward,
Covenant love lived despite our weakness.
Hope hanging like numberless leaves,
On trees the formed an arbor for our love.

Yes, dear saints, sing songs with us,
To welcome home the Promised Groom,
Who never left our side.
Make of this day a joyful shout,
A happy anniversary!

Copyright Joann Nelander © 2011   All rights reserved.

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5 thoughts on “One Shot Wednesday – Week 50

  1. That was beautiful… it certainly is a soul-lifter!!
    A little faith can go a loooong way…. can it not?

    Amen to everything you said, Joann…

    • Thank you dear Kavita. I never know how much faith is enough. Mustard seeds are pretty small. thank God! I like knowing I can pray “help my unbelief.”

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