Two wombs unite us.
One of mother,
Separated in Time.

The other is forever,
Touched by the Eternal.
Womb of Love,
Bearing the Savior and shared.

Here it is I reach for you, my sister.
Touching you with my heart.
Can you feel me?

By Joann Nelander
Copyright 2011

My Cry, Your Heart, My God

Reaching for You in the Night, I marvel.
What worlds my prayer spans!
The darkness of Space and Ages
Is penetrated by Your Light,
Pierced by my cry of recognition.

My will, like Longinian sword,
Penetrates Your Heart,
Tapping perpetual Springs.
Hallowed walls of Flesh part
To welcome me, a sinner, to sweet repose.

By Joann Nelander
Copyright 2011