Fr. Frank Pavone – Update

Free Fr. Pavone, prolife advocate priest
Please contact:

Bishop Patrick Zurek
Diocese of Amarillo
P.O.Box 5644
Amarillo, TX 79117
telephone: 806-383-2243
fax: 806-383-8452

One thought on “Fr. Frank Pavone – Update

  1. Behind-the-scenes two things are happening. First, the House of Representatives will vote next week on H.R. 358, the Protest Life Act, which would close the loopholes allowing public funding of abortions, according to Obamacare, directly or indirectly, as well as ensuring the right of conscience of health care workers who are unwilling to participate in abortions is protected under the law, in writing. Now that a primary pro-life spokesman sees his reputation muddied in the media, clearly Fr. Pavone’s activism at this critical, historic moment, is not going to be as effective as it might otherwise have been. Again and again, I have tried to explain to people that there are political considerations behind this whole mess in Amarillo, and it goes beyond antagonizing the IRS, folks. The second behind-the-scenes factor is that Fr. Pavone announced a few days ago that he would be going, in person, to the general conference next month of the USCCB. Subsequently, Bishop Zurek issues yet another statement, rather toned-down. Read between the lines. Anyone can do this. Since Fr. Pavone had already begun serious opposition to President Obama’s newly launched 2012 campaign for re-election, let’s not be naive here as to who wants Fr. Pavone silenced as soon as possible, and why.

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