“Pius XII a gift for the 20th Century”- Benedict XVI

2 thoughts on ““Pius XII a gift for the 20th Century”- Benedict XVI

  1. Thanks Barb,
    Great hearing from you. I loved the video too. There is so much more I haven’t posted yet.

    I miss you all and will be back. I’m stuck learning to use Adobe Lightroom and it’s so time consuming I don’t get to do much else. Seems I’m always trying to remember how to do something or find where my pictures are hiding.

    2012 is for all my great intentions! See you soon.

  2. Joann, this is a great video. It’s been awhile since I visited you. Come back to Sunday Snippets where others can benefit from your posts.

    Pius XII was the Pope of my childhood. I was too young to know of his long work against the Nazis and Hitler. I only knew in a simple way that he was a living saint and thought myself very lucky to be Catholic. We prayed for the Pope in school.

    Watching this video I thought that all the people who hate the Jews should realize that Jesus lived and died as a Jew.

    I want to use this video at my blog, so thanks for bringing it here. It’s very well done.

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