Waiting for Me

God is.
God is waiting for me.
He woos me.
He thirsts.
God thirsts
For my thirsting for Him.

Here in the Now,
I Am.
I Am in mystery.
I Am in darkness.
Being of Light,
Overshadowing, as by a cloud,
As driving in the dark,
Seeing darkly,
Perceiving indistinctly,
All senses at high pitch.

Unify the threads of day.
Compose my hours
To sing one song.
Bathe me anew.
Let me swim in You.
Alive to Presence.
Awake in repose.

I know You in fullness,
Fully and abundantly.
I know You
In the fullness of my emptiness,
Robed in the fullness of my sorrow,
In the fullness of my grief,
In the fullness of my joy and plenty,
In rapture,
Sweetly knowing
And by Love known.

© 2012 Joann Nelander