115 Roman Catholic Bishops Speak Out / HHS Mandate

H/T Thomas Peters

Here are the bishops who are Speaking Out Against Obama/HHS Mandate:

Items in bold mean the statement was read at all diocesan Masses or included in all parish bulletins on Sunday:

3 thoughts on “115 Roman Catholic Bishops Speak Out / HHS Mandate

  1. I’m glad my bishop is on there, too. I just wish I knew what they actually are able to do about it…is it enough simply to call out the evil? It seems there’s no recourse…

  2. My bishop is there. And we had the the statement read at Masses AND in the bulletin!

    I agree with Barb – I really do not understand that attitude of the majority. A loss of our rights today may lead to a loss of their’s tomorrow. It is a very dangerous precedent that Obama may be setting. I think it may just be ignorance on the part of some people not realizing that this is not an issue about abortion. It is an issue about religious rights and to make our church go against its teaching is just wrong.

  3. I have to wonder why my bishop isn’t on this list. In our area the newspaper ran a survey as to whether institutions serving the public, based on religious beliefs, should be exempt from providing abortion and contraception. The sad thing is that over half of the people were against following conscience. This strikes me as akin to ignoring the house burning down until the SS is knocking at your door to take you away. By then it is too late.

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