Golgotha of Jasna Gora – Passion Art

H/T Julia : Golgotha of Jasna Gora – Artist: Jerzy Duda Gracz


 Here a bit more information about the images.

In the shrine at Czestochowa, upstairs from the famous icon of the Black Madonna, a 21st-century Way of the Cross reminds us that our real enemy is not the evil outside of us but the sin within us. In March 2001, the late Polish painter Jerzy Duda Gracz presented the monastery at Jasna Gora, one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in the world, with new Stations of the Cross. Gracz named these paintings after Golgotha, the mountain where Jesus was crucified, but many of the landscapes and faces he included in them are eerily recognizable to present-day viewers.

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    • http://www.polartcenter.com/The_Golgotha_of_Jasna_Gora_p/9610005.htm

      by Jerzy Duda Gracz

      The Way of the Cross is a form of devotion commemorating Jesus crossing the streets of Jerusalem from Pilate’s praetorium, where he was condemned, to Golgotha, the place where he was crucified. In the year 2000 the Pauline Fathers at the monastary of Jasna Gora commissioned a famous local artist from Czestochowa to complete the Stations of The Cross in a series of 18 paintings which are now displayed at the shrine of our Lady of Czestochowa. This color album depicts those masterpieces and the story of the Stations along with them. These heart-rending scenes depict Christ’s passion against a background of uniquely Polish scenes as well as contemporary and historical figures including the Holy Father, John Paul II and Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski. The text for each station is in four languages: Polish, English, German and Italian.

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