Where True Beauty Lies

Forsaking the Land of Shadows, yet again,
And prostrate before You,
I enter with my candle,
Wick, barely alive,
Awaiting the gentle breeze,
That will kindle my flame
To blaze forth, anew.

Praise rises in my soul,
As a lifetime of thanks given,
Recall to memory
The reason for my trust.
Can Faith be called blind,
When a thousand thousand yesterdays
Form the foundation of our friendship?

Now, I look upon You,
Upon the Altar of Adoration.
Beauty captures my attention.
The monstrance, a delight to my eye,
All aglow,
As it catches the early rays of morning.
Golden shafts stream from its center,
Whispering “Glory.”

The pedestal,
Ornate with pomegranates, grapes and lilies,
Celebrate the gift of Your Creation.
Yet, You, in Your splendid Humility,
Reside in true beauty, Unadorned, and at rest,
Your work accomplished,
Awaiting only my disfigurement.

What will You with me?
Transfigure in longed for alchemy of Spirit.

By heartfelt confession and remorse,
At Your Word,
Spoken in Persona Christi,
I wash my robes clean
In the Blood of the Lamb.
You do not horde Your beauty,
But send it forth,
To renew all creation,
And, forgetting not the least,
Remember me.

Copyright 2012 Joann Nelander

4 thoughts on “Where True Beauty Lies

  1. You are welcome. Was not trying to interfere. What is up with the one with the Lion? Are you changing theme? I did mine and I like it a lot better. Just curious. God Bless, SR

    • The Lioness was my original blog. During the last presidential campaign cycle, I posted a lot of political opinion. However, I wanted a blog with less of that so people could find a spot where prayer and reflection were evident and there was less rancor. Pope John Paul II certainly showed us there was a very important place for politics, but I’m not in a place where I can do it without becoming embroiled and angry. Intostillness is my effort, I guess, not to loose my soul by being overwhelmed by the world.

      The header is a painting I did many years ago. I do like the black background of the Theme: Black-LetterHead by Ulysses Ronquillo

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