Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

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This weeks efforts:

Stir into Flame

My Holy Thee

One Last Prayer

Fear Not

School of Faith

Of Walls and Hedges

One Last Prayer

If I should die today,
What have I to say?
Perhaps just one last prayer.

Grant that my heart
Should leap and quicken,
Catching sight of You
Coming from afar.

With Your Father,
You have wooed, and waited,
Sent Your Spirit
Into my dry bones,
Raising me from dust
Once again
And, now, forevermore.

Here I am, my Hallowed Three.
The Bridegoom cometh;
Come for me.

© 2012 Joann Nelander


Shared at Poetic Picnic week 36

My Holy Thee

My Holy Three
The ground of me.
In knowing myself
May I know Thee.

Write upon my heart
The thoughts that are Your own.
Seat Yourself upon
My empty throne.

You who find no place
To rest Your Head.
Here, reign and rule
To delight and wed..

My Holy Three
The ground of me.
In knowing myself
May I forever know Thee.