What Else is There?

All that matters,

To be like Christ,

What else is there?

Want what the Father wants,

Love, love, love!

Suffer with Jesus,

As He suffers,

Lack of love

In the world,

In people,

In Christians.

The world belongs to God,

Creator of Beauty, Holiness, Truth,

All that is.

Creation confesses Jesus,

Gives witness to God.

Live like him.

Talk like Him.

Let Him impress on you

His image as on Veronica’s veil,

Offered in compassion.

Impressed with the face of Jesus,

Go forward

In newness of life,

A new creation.

False images,

Reject them!

Imitate Jesus Christ.

Have Him before your eyes

All the day long.

Have Him on your tongue

All the day long.

Live with Him

Through the night,

Through the dark,

Into the smiling Light.

All is grace.

What else is there?

© 2014 Joann Nelander

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