Spiritual Communion

Come, my Lord, to this poor dwelling,
You are Lord of all, and heaven is at hand as You approach.
Come in Spirit to my humble abode,
At your coming, the angels make ready.
They spread their wings over Your Mercy Seat,

Come be enthroned here in my heart.
Allow the splendor of heaven to scatter flowers along Your Way,
As You incline, Your Heart
To one in misery for want of You.

I rejoice for You are here
And in my embrace.
Your are Now.
You are mine,
O my Beloved.

Heaven finds a home in my soul,
As You reign in my heart.
A river of Life pours forth,
As You water this garden,
And provide rich food and fruit,
For all who will partake.

© 2014 Joann Nelander

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Communion

    • Thank you Michele. There is inspiration all around us, as I see you, too, have found amidst the chores with or without a fireside.
      Posting on Catholic lane would be lovely. Have you a procedure?

      • Wonderful! You can email me at Zelliequinn@yahoo.com. If there is an image that you’d like to accompany each poem (I’m thinking ‘Lioness’ type image) then attach that to the email. Also, you’ll need an attribution. If you go to Catholiclane.com and scroll down to the poems on the left side of the home page, you can see authors and their attributions/ bios. Make sure to put a link to your blog, if you’d like…Hope to hear from you.

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