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via Poem: “Spiritual Communion” | Catholic Lane.

Come, my Lord, to this poor dwelling,

You are Lord of all, and heaven is at hand

As You approach.

Come in Spirit to my humble abode,

At your coming, the angels make ready.

They spread their wings over Your Mercy Seat,

Come be enthroned here in my heart.

Allow the splendor of heaven to scatter flowers along Your Way,

As You incline, Your Heart

To one in misery for want of You.

I rejoice for You are here

And in my embrace.

You are Now.

You are mine,

O my Beloved.

Heaven finds a home in my soul,

As You reign in my heart.

A river of Life pours forth,

As You water this garden,

And provide rich food and fruit,

For all who will partake.

Joann Nelander

via Poem: “Spiritual Communion” | Catholic Lane.

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Argument from Size

When we step on an ant,

An ant smaller than a fetus,

We acknowledge killing an ant.


We may not fret,

After-all, it’s an ant!

Haven’t we the right to kill an ant?

We do confess, we killed an ant,

Though it be smaller than a fetus.


When a mother, a nurse,

A doctor, a bio-scientist,

Or technician trained in the art,

When “we the people, a nation,

Cut short the life of a fetus,

All deny the killing.

"It’s too small to matter."


Do we really believe,

We are doing good?

Have we a care beyond convenience and profit?

Do we have the right?

Are we in the right?


How big does Truth have to be?