Civilization cica 2016

This came in the mail today:

Subject:Civilization cica 2016

• Cooking – Fireless
• Cars – Keyless
• Food – Fatless
• Tires –Tubeless
• Dress – Sleeveless
• Youth – Jobless
• Leaders – Shameless
• Relationships – Meaningless
• Attitudes–Careless
• Babies – Fatherless
• Feelings–Heartless
• Education–Valueless
• Children–Mannerless
• Country–Godless

Government is CLUELESS,
And our Politicians are WORTHLESS!
Frankly, if I had half a mind I’d be scared Shitless!

All too true? It needn’t be this way. Let’s do what we can to progress with Christ the King leading our nation. Governments and politicians can’t do it, but God can, person to person, one person at a time.

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