Eyes of Faith

How do I see?
What am I looking for?

You are Light.
What kind of light?

Science speaks of infrared, ultraviolet,
X-rays and the like.

You speak of faith,
And open our eyes to Your kingdom.

Your kingdom in not of this world
But it is always at hand.

Your Will is being done,
Moment by moment.

You ordain.
You permit.

This is mystery.
Good out of Evil.

Who can accepted it,
And what will acceptance bring?

Kings and the politic tease the poor.
We are that poor.

Promises of peace, food and plenty,
Just more than we have.

How much is enough?
Never enough!

What of their promises,
Mirages of light?

Without eyes the blind stumble,
Grope in the dark.

Your Light
Always Present.

A ladder to heaven.
Angels ascending and descending.

Eyes of Faith,
Light perceived by the soul.

How much is enough?
Where am I going?

How do I see?
Daily the Bread before me.

Rulers come and go.
Who feeds me?

Copyright 2016 Joann Nelander

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