Just As I Am / Through a Glass Darkly

Just As I Am / Through a Glass Darkly

Just as I am,

All that I am,
You behold me.

I see so little,
So little of me,
So little of You.

“Through a glass darkly”
Sufficiency suffices,
In Faith, believing.

Mingled here, Your Mercy,
Grandeur, clouded in Mystery,
I rest as a babe.

Just as I am,
A mystery unfolding,
Ever so small.

Cradled in universe expanding,
My stuff born in your stars,
Fit in Time in me.

Just as I am,
Spirit, soul, body,
Free to choose my destiny.

Mingle my “just as I am”
With You,
My Destiny.

Called into being,
Ever renewed,
Moments, all grace!

Made in Your Image,
Knowing my Maker,
I must but trust.

This is my prayer.
These are my moments of grace,
Though “through a glass darkly”.

© 2016 Joann Nelander

The Breath of the Spirit


O, Magnificent One,

O, Magnanimous One,

O, Adorable One,

In the splendor of Your Godhead,

You stoop to lift me.


As Father, You gently raise me,

To plant Your kiss.

You span the distance between us.

Your overcome the flesh, the world and Evil, itself,

In the humility of the Cross.


You paid the price of my son-ship.

Knowing Yourself from eternity,

Eternally begetting the Son.

You planned to make humanity holy

By the Spirit of Jesus, Your Only Son.


O, Magnificent One,

O, Magnanimous One,

O, Adorable One,

As You breathe forth Your Spirit,

I gasp and hold fast that Breath.


©2017 Joann Nelander

“Evangelical Is Not Enough” by Thomas Howard – Review

Alex Jones, recently deceased, once a Pentecostal preacher turned convert to the Catholic Church in speaking of the experiences that led him into the Church of the Early Fathers said. “We are what we have been taught. To rise above what we have been taught takes great integrity,”  Truth has a price and he determined that no price was too high. The climb though poses problems that can seem insurmountable. He mentioned the book below that helped his wife, Donna, make that climb.

“Evangelical Is Not Enough” by Thomas Howard