The Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls

The Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls

Here is a beautiful Way to end this year and begin 2018 with love, gratitude and faith, trusting in the grace of Almighty God.




O, my Savior, Jesus, Emmanuel,
With Your Birth,
The Father shed His Grace and Glory,
Upon the Earth.

Angels lit the sky,
And Heaven sang it’s welcome,
And a lullaby.

You slumbered at the Virgin’s breast,
While Death and Darkness,
Heard the death knell of its reign,
Rousing Herod to dread the same.

Striking with tooth and claw,
The Beast profane
Dispatched His might,
And slew all male babes of Bethlehem,
While Rachel cried in the Night.

At Abraham’s Bosom,
The Holy Innocents rested
With the Just,
While the Son of God and Man,
Grew, as did a tree,
That would on the Day,
Become a Cross,
And, with the of our Savior’s dying,
Serve, and bear our sins away.

© 2017 Joann Nelander

Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist

Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist


St. John was a fisherman with his father, Zebedee, and brother, James, at the Sea of Galilee. To the brothers, Jesus bestowed the title “sons of thunder.” This beloved disciple participated in many of Jesus’ more private events including the raising of Jairus’ daughter, the Transfiguration, and the tender bestowing of his Mother Mary to St. John at the foot of the cross. He is credited with writing the Fourth Gospel.

St. John, “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” was the only one of the apostles to die not of martyrdom but of old age, around the year 100. Still, he has been honored as a martyr from the earliest days after his death, because of an incident related by Tertullian, in which John, while in Rome, was placed in a pot of boiling oil but emerged unharmed. The love which Jesus bears is never barren. Of this his sufferings and death are the strongest proof. As St. John had the happiness to be distinguished by Christ in his holy love, so was he also in its glorious effects.


Invitation of Restoration for Mothers of Aborted Infants

ake My hand,
The very same hand
That in infancy
Grasped My Mother’s finger,
Hugged her about the neck.

Look into My Eyes,
The very eyes
That held My Mother’s gaze.

Let me take you
To your child,
Never forgotten,
Buried in secret mourning,
No day without pain.

Your little one has a heart of love,
A soul of patience
A spirit of forbearance,
And one solitary prayer.

Playing on the lap of Our Father,
Whispering the heart’s desire
Into Abba’s listening ear,
Full of Love’s expectation,
Your babe smiles eternally
And waits for thee.

Take My hand,
The very same hand
That in infancy
Grasped My Mother’s finger,
Hugged her about the neck.
Now is a time to embrace
The gift I give you in Love.

©2012 Joann Nelander

Remembering the Seasons of My Soul

Old year passes,
Becoming yet another ghost,
Withered as leaves,
Crumbled, and carried aloft
By winter winds,
Too soon scattered
By the breezes of Time.

Is it truly spent,
Dead and long forgotten,
Living but in memory?
May not reflection
Call it from the grave,
Uncover the gain
Hold it fast
To live again?

How has its many waters
Blessed thee and me,
As sacred signs?
Will it, as muse, retain a power
For its having been,
And then no more?

What saints and angels
Sent my way,
Colored its day?
In sorrow,
Who came to hold my hand?
In joy,
Who shared my hearth?

Were there hugs, and smiles,
And laughter to tilt the scale of grief?
Can kisses and embraces be resurrected,
That fires of love be stoked
To warm and blaze anew?

Has my thanksgivings
Been recorded in the pyre,
Written in the embers now glowing
As tiger eyes flashing from the ash.

Years come, doomed , too soon to go,
But let them not hurry
To a crypt without a wake.
Drink the happy wine of memory,
Sip, as the seasons turn.
Contemplate and savor
The seasons of your soul.

©2011  Joann Nelander

“We Are at War” and “The Angels are Better than Superman” -<strong>Dr Peter Kreeft

"We Are at War" and "The Angels are Better than Superman" -<strong>Dr Peter Kreeft

“We Are at War” and “The Angels are Better than Superman” -<strong>Dr Peter Kreeft – Angels & Demons