The Consecration of Russia and full Revelation of the 3rd part of the Secret of Fatima

Pontifex- First Tweet of Pope Benedict XVI


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Papal Success?

Daily Mail: “This was much more successful than the Roman Catholic hierarchy had dared to hope.”

This video commentary from Whispers in the Loggia’s blogger Rocco Palmo.

Adoration for Reparation for Sexual Abuses by Priests – Vatican

John Thavis posted in Catholic News Service:

The Vatican is hosting two hours of  Eucharistic Adoration “in reparation for abuses committed by priests and for the healing of this wound within the church.”The service in St. Peter’s Basilica this Saturday will feature an hour of silent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, an hour of prayer and meditation, and a solemn blessing at the end.

The unusual initiative was organized by Catholic university students in Rome. Sources said the event was originally planned for the small Church of St. Anne inside Vatican City, but that it was moved to St. Peter’s at the suggestion of Cardinal Angelo Comastri, who is archpriest of the basilica.

The Full Story Is Not Being Told- A Thoughtful Discussion

The Church is about Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  The Church, being the Body of Christ, can expect to be on the Cross, century after century, in this world. Christ was sinless and “became sin” for us.  The Church, being the People of God, hangs on that Cross in Christ.  At the Last Supper there was Communion.  The Church hangs on that Cross mystically born in the heart of Christ. We are humiliated by our sins, the sin of people, and the sin of the world for which Christ is dying.

Resurrection comes after the suffering and the Passion. Our sinfulness is not the end.  It’s the reason Christ died and now lives in His People, including His pope and His clergy. We are still learning how to be Christlike.

The Anchoress posted “No one wants to see pope prostrate.” In light of the grandiloquence surrounding the issue of sex abuse in the Catholic Church, getting the facts out is more important than ever to the Church, but with the wizardry of Presentism, the smoke and mirrors of time employed by The New York Times, distortions rule. Presentism, “a mode of historical analysis in which present-day ideas and perspectives are anachronistically introduced into depictions or interpretations of the Past, or as Webster states it “an attitude toward the past dominated by present-day attitudes and experiences,” is, itself, a distortion.  It is illogical and unreasonable. It is important to note that newspapers like the NY Times sell newspapers; sex and scandal sell.

B16 – Poignant Response to Maltese Youth

An appeal to Benedict XVI as reported by the Catholic Herald‘s Anna Arco:

“I wish to speak on behalf of those young people who, like me feel they are on the outskirts of the Church. We are the ones who do not fit comfortably into stereo-typed roles. This is due to various factors among them: either because we have experienced substance abuse; or because we are experiencing the misfortune of broken or dysfunctional families; or because we are of a different sexual orientation; among us are also our immigrant brothers and sisters, all of us in some way or another have encountered experiences that have estranged us from the Church. Other Catholics put us all in one basket. For them we are those “who claim to believe yet do not live up to the commitment of faith.”
To us, faith is a confusing reality and this causes us great suffering. We feel that not even the Church herself recognizes our worth. One of our deepest wounds stems from the fact that although the political forces are prepared to realize our desire for integration, the Church community still considers us to be a problem. It seems almost as if we are less readily accepted and treated with dignity by the Christian community than we are by all other members of society. Continue reading

Pope Benedict XVI – Apostolic Journey to Malta

Pope Benedict XVI will go to Malta in April of this year. According to the Vatican,  the  Apostolic Journey to Malta will take place April 17-18th. 

This will be a celebration  of the 150th anniversary of the shipwreck of the Apostle Paul on the Island of Malta. (Acts 27:12 – 28:1)

On April 17th. the Pope will arrive at the International of Malta in Luqa.  There will be a courtesy visit with the President of the Republic at the Grand Masters’ Palace of Valletta. Then the Pontif will visit to the Cave of Saint Paul in Rabat.

On the 18th the Pontif  will celebrate Holy Mass at the Floriana Granaries, and then lunch with the Bishops of Malta and Papal Entourage at the Apostolic Nunciature in Rabat. Pope Benedict will then go by boat from the Port of Kalkara to the Great Port of  Valletta to meet and address the young people. Then,  it’s on to Luqa and home to Rome.