Just When You Thought You Couldn’t Stand Another Flash Mob



Friendship and Fun Mix

These People Actually Get to Vote- Debate Between First Lady and Lady Ann

My Bump by the Brown-eyed Keyz- Music Video

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob-Hallelujah

Feel Good Video

I just watched this again,  It makes me feel so good I end up with tears in my eyes.  Guess I’m a sucker for togetherness.  Enjoy!

Screwtape Letters – Behind the Scenes

Update: Gathering His Chicks

Update: Gathering His  Chicks : H/T Lizard Queen for an updated version of the Little Ducks song (Now Elmo’s Ducks and lyrics)

Elmo had four ducks (quack quack quack quack)
four birds of a feather (quack quack quack quack)
to waddle with (quack quack quack quack)
and quack together. (quack quack quack quack)
But then one day… one swam away
Oh gosh oh gee… Elmo just had three.

Elmo had three ducks (quack quack quack)
three birds of a feather (quack quack quack)
to waddle with (quack quack quack)
and quack together (quack quack quack)
But then one day… one went achoo!
And off he flew… so Elmo just had two. Continue reading

No Time to Waste – Ah Youth!

H/T breitbart.tv

Ashley Klinger Stuck in Pittsburgh International Airport Overnight

“My adventures in the Pittsburgh International Airport during the worst snow storm of the century. After arriving late for a flight at 7:40 PM to LGA I decided to stick around my gate until my flight at 5:40 and had a BLAST!

I was on my way to New York City to attend an audition for the national tour of the wizard of oz (coming to pitt in April) when I missed my flight by 15 minutes due to the weather. I knew the only way to make it to the audition was if I spent the night and took the 5:40 AM flight the next morning. They told me to sleep in the kids area. I eventually made the US airways flight (although it was an hour late) and did well at the audition. I danced than had a callback to sing. :)”

Weight Training Family Style

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Monty Python – Philosophers' World Cup

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The Six Fingered Man

A statement General Petraeus made to Congress when he began what seemed to many people like mission impossible: “Hard is not hopeless.” The Princess Bride’s Inigo Montoya is just as determined:

or as some would have it with light sabers!


Extreme Shepherding

Feel Good Video- Repeat Often

Need a lift?  This bears repeating:

Happy Prayer Day – Featuring ACLU

H/T Hot Air

Research Confirms Rhythmic Cockatoo

LA times says  research confirms cockatoo  has rhythm.  Something  over 2 1/2 million people had already guessed, but it’s nice to know it’s official:

Wonder if they care about a dog with inflection and good diction?

The Subtle Art of Latte

Not your ordinary latte or barista.

Oh My – JOY!

Thanks for this Anchoress and American Digest

No Sheep Baaaashing Here!

Thanks to Samsung, LED and the Baaah-studs (sheepherders, electricians et al, I guess) and the Anchoress for this one:

You Don't Have To Be Irish To Be Irish

Baptist, Catholic, Methodist – Singing Together

Your Last Employer

On a lighter note from the good old days: