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New Books by Sr. LaDonna M. Pinkelman OSF – Franciscan Flowers & Franciscan Flowers ll

Franciscan_Flowers_Cover_for_Kindle Franciscan_Flowers_I_Cover_for_Kindle(2)

Kindle editions:

Franciscan Flowers

Franciscan Flowers ll

Christmas would be a lovely time to present a gift of poetry, prayer and praise.:

Prayers, prose and poetry of Sr. LaDonna M. Pinkelman OSF, gleaned over a period of many years of journaling. Franciscan Flowers ll continues where she left off in her previous work, Franciscan Flowers, to offer her gifts of prayer, poetry and prose, in the hope of inspiring love, and trust for the Lord, and further act upon her desire to participate in the new evangelization called for at the beginning of the Third Millennium by Pope John Paul ll, and echoed by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. Being even the smallest part of this brings her great joy.

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Timeless Treasures – Free

From Per Christum:

Summa Theologica (Aquinas)

Fathers, Historians, and Writers of the Church

Confessions of Saint Augustine

A History of the Catholic Church

History of the Roman Breviary

Apology of Socrates

Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of England

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