Obama’s Recovery

Here they are -  courtesy of the Fed Reserve Bank of St Louis, the real facts of Failure

#Healthcare in the Obama Reich

The Vote–Video

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!

Are you ready for today?  Scads of you probably aren’t, and will be scurrying around for those quick and easy Valentine bouquets at the supermarket.  As a woman, I can tell you, they work just fine.  This year buying them will also give the economy some much needed love $$$$.

Remembering last year, still conjures up a smile and warm fuzzies.  It wasn’t a valentine that came my way, but a sight that cheered many.  A young man in a tuxedo sang love songs, his music blasting into the  parking lot, as he sold Valentine bouquets out of a van.  Mostly men helped him do a bang-up business.  The women hung around or were smiling as they passed.  Ah, the human spirit.  Ah, the entrepreneurial spirit.  Hope I spot him again today.  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!