Hildegard von Bingen – Ave generosa -O Vis Aeternitatis – Ave Maria, O Auctrix Vite


Theology of Healing Series–Monsignor Douglas Raun

Theology of Healing – Part 1

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Theology of Healing – Part 2

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Healing the Original Wound

“If you have loved and been loved in return, you have some idea of what the promise of eternal life is.  You can think a little of the love of God.  If you feel that you have been unloved or have not really loved, then you have a great hunger inside of you for the mysterious love of God.  In either case, you know something about the imperative need, the restlessness, the hunger that we all have to find love, unfailing love, in the brief reality we call our lives.”

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel died recently after a long life of love and service.  I’ve asked him to be my spiritual director now that he has eternity to answer my questions. I’ll start small with his book.

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Hildegard Von Bingen – Ave Maria, O Auctrix Vite

Hildegard von Bingen ~ O viridissima virga

Hildegard von Bingen – Ave generosa

Audio Post – Prayer for Healing the Family Tree by Fr. John Hampsch