Life, Confession, and Hope for Infinite Love

O happy confession! I went just this morning.  Life begins again with renewed hope for the coming days, maybe, many years, or, perhaps, only moments.  I just need to go forward, open to life and, most of all, charity, giving it, as best I can with apologies to match my failures.

A powerful instinct, certainly not reserved for me alone, tells me that the grave in not the end. If it were, what a mockery the sacrifices of caring and struggle, war, family, and country, if it were, I can see why the practical atheist and agnostic would advocate for the convenience of death in the womb, the rallying cry of the pragmatic "progressive" society, planning to bring forth only as much life as it can use.  If no resurrection of the dead, why the fuss to perfume our living corpses.  Blessed be the grave, bring it on, O happy holocaust!

My sad suppositions terrify me.  Give me that candle to carry into the darkness and the holy regard of those praying for the dead. I am not alone in desiring eternity, and the company of the living forever.  It is the sun that comes up every morning and the hope that can only be fulfilled in One who is more than matter, and yet, matter does testify by it very existence, in its coming to be, and, so my hope is that He that brought it forth, love me into the infinity of His Being.

My Morning Prayer


If  Time and Space and all the created resist You, their Maker, let me be the void, a nothing, a nobody, empty as a vacuum, demanding Your entrance by Love if not by law.  Fill my space and time.  Topple my pride by Your Uncreated Presence. Now master chaotic waters and silence my current.  Still the fallen artistry of the proud “I, myself.”

Conqueror of all You survey, probe me, and finding me “all flaw”,  reign in Your handiwork, Oh Hearer of my prayer.  One person, one prayer, one poor heart’s entreaty; who can resist You or stand in the way of  Your advance?  My faith rests in Your infinity, your unending answer to trust.  Love transforms the Law by Covenant.  “The Lord sat enthrones over the flood; the Lord sits as King for ever.” (Psalm 29)