Fear of the Lord

The merciful Hand of the Lord
Is upon me.
It is a fearful thing
To fall into the Hand
Of the Living God
He metes out judgment,
And punishment due.
Why then, do I lift my voice
In praise and thanksgiving?

In an instant,
I saw my desert.
Fear and trembling seized me,
As my mercy-cry
Pierced the darkness.

Caught in my descent,
His Hand reached
Into my Hell.
It is in my nature to fall,
In His nature
To show mercy.

His end is my good.
Even in judgment,
Mercy shows His Face.
Punished, I am now free.
Seeing His mercy
In His rendering of scourge,
I trust,
As once I feared to do.

May His Hand always
Be upon me,
As fear of the Lord,
Befriends me.

©2012 Joann Nelander  All rights reserved

No Proof – No God?

Continuing the theme:  being “amazed how people can have core beliefs with no proof behind them?”

A response:

And amazed you should be! Seems you use that amazing brain of yours to go well beyond the five senses (you depend on for proof.) Proof, though, deals with measures. You can’t measure wonder, hope, compassion, mercy and forgiveness but you can experience them. (I forgot love.)

The response to my response:

What is it that makes you base your beliefs on the Catholic ideas rather than Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Scientologist, etc? I think they all have explanations for what’s immeasurable. Is that where the hope comes in? Just pick one and hope the others are wrong?

Amazed someone was actually asking, I got carried away:

Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, all reflect experience of this life and contain much that is true. God is not limited to speaking to Catholics. People of all faiths seek and listen for Him. However, the act of seeking and listening doesn’t make everything we image or conclude true. I think many people will  except only what doesn’t conflict with their wills and desires. Truth is not relative, however. It simply is. One belief is not as good as any other. Having an explanation doesn’t make the explanation true. For instance, Hindu pantheism saying that everything is one and everything is God; God being a force, impersonal and pervading everything throughout the universe. In fact, the universe is God. That makes God part of the material world, which obviously means He can not be spiritual in his entirety.He must share our material imperfections. He’s now subject to change. Now he possesses something. Now, he doesn’t. “Not very Godly,” I’m thinking. In fact, very limited in space and therefore not all-present. Makes it very difficult to call the Hindu idea of god, God. He’s part matter and therefore made up of parts. The Hindu God is described as impersonal making Him not a person. I am a person and possess person-hood which the Hindu God does not. I’m now one up on their idea of god. I am a person precisely because I have spiritual substance, soul. I have immaterial thoughts and like you deal with, manipulate and generate thoughts every moment of consciousness. Yet the Hindu god in not conscious, just pervasive nothingness. You can believe this if you like, but then you have to reject other ideas that contradict it. Can’t all be true, even with the best, most broadminded,  intentions. Disregarding logic makes it easier; enter pop-culture, pop-everything; not well thought out, just popular for a time. It works for awhile, but there’s still that elephant in the room-the Four Last Things.

Bringing up Death is an appeal of sorts for a need to survive, even if it only in memory or our work, our art, our writings, etc. Probably not the smartest argument to make for as Dinesh D’Souza writes, quoting Woody Allen, in D’Souza’s book, “Life After Death-the Evidence”:

“I don’t want to achieve immorality through my work. I want to achieve immorality by not dying. I don’t want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen. I want to live on on my apartment.”

Susan Boyle – Beauty Beyond Skin-deep

The Anchoress writes: Why Susan Boyle matters so much.

I’ve given it is some thought, too.  My take goes like this.  We all feel at some level like nobodies in need of affirmation.  Some of us live our entire lives trying hard, but unsure even of our successes.  I know my strengths, but they are not necessarily in demand.  Sometimes, I’m the only one clapping, and then again, I wonder why I bother at all.  As long as we’re living, as long as we’re still trying, at least, we are in the game. We haven’t given up. Now, to me, Susan is like Judgment Day.  Finally, we find out Someone is aware; Someone notices; Someone is clapping loudly and eternally.

I hope and pray Susan doesn’t get messed up since she is so beautiful just as she  is.

Listen again

Judgment Day Distractions? – Another Mercy!

The Anchoress gave new hope for Judgment Day saying:

Well…be not afraid. If that day comes, everyone else will be looking at the records of their own lives being exposed. It may well have the effect of bringing us – finally – together, as we realize that we are all faulty, flawed, capable of great good and great evil, creatures of lightness and dark. It will emphasize that “none are perfect save Christ.” Remember what Michel Montaigne said:

There is no man so good, who, were he to submit all his thoughts and actions to the laws would not deserve hanging ten times in his life.

Phew!!!!!!!!!!……  It’s great to imagine everyone being so distracted.

I heard one rendition of the Day in which everyone is trying to outdo each other with the greatness of God’s Mercy for what He’d forgiven them. Actually, I remember some prayer meetings which made me feel as though no one would be interested in my story after hearing the soul-curdling tales of conversion of some of our bunch.

Fear of Technology, Fear of Government & Fear of the Lord

This made perfect sense to me. The Anchoress is talking about our magical gadgets demonically influencing our lives, and Buster sees the demons of government stealing and cataloguing our lives or something akin to that.

You know, that’s very true, and very much wisdom from God. All of this is ‘moving on air,’ and who rules the air, is “the prince of the air?” The same being who is the Father of Lies. As with the internet which seduced us with information and confused us by laying “the whole world” at our feet, this will seduce us with insta-everything then befuddle us to where we don’t know what is real anymore. Diabolical disorientation disguised as a fun new toy!

Buster shot back:

Ummm…I wasn’t calling it the devil. I just meant it could very easily turn into a means for the government, or even media and advertisers, to track every action you make. After all, it has a camera and will have wifi. They could know everything you read, who you see; they’d know your politics and everything. Nothing secret would be hidden. Btw, you sound like that old woman who sits on the porch in a rocking chair with a shawl, sneering at the children as they pass by your house, and muttering soft condemnations of their new 12-speeds, proclaiming all new toys of theirs to be ‘the devil’…like the mother in Waterboy.

That response cracked me up. I laughed out loud and then, because of my cold, coughed for a few minutes. Well, I am the old lady in the chair, with the shawl, sneering at too much.

You playin’ de foosball, son?

What puts the fear of God in me, is that I can see,  how the biblical description of Judgment Day as revealing to all eyes the record of my life,  is not some medieval fear and impossibility, but possible even in this world.

Remember Me

Paraphrasing Rev. Fr. Michael DePalma:

In life, it’s not how you begin.  It’s how you end.

How will you be remembered?  More importantly, how will The Father remember you?

Begin today to become a beautiful remembrance in the mind of God.

Our Day of Judgment should be our Day of Glory!

Lent – Everyday, a Second Chance

crucificionicon2Everyday begins with God’s mercy. Everyday is a new beginning.  As we open our eyes on this day, we begin again.  As long as we are living and breathing this side of the Judgment, the sun comes up on our second chance.

Lent is the trumpeter sounding before the Final Trumpet of our lives.  The noise of cacophony is interrupted with a clarion call “Repent.”

“For He says: ‘In an acceptable time. I heard you, and on the Day of Salvation I helped you.’ Behold, now is a very acceptable time; behold, now is the Day of Salvation.”2 Cor 6:2

Death March – a Homily Worth Sharing

The death penalty is being debated in New Mexico.  “It’s quite a debate” according to my pastor who finds irony in the fact that this debate rages while the death penalty is in fact “the most common penalty”  known to man. “Every single one of us is under a sentence. We are born, so to speak, with a noose around our necks.”

“Our death is an absolute certainty..no second chances, no reincarnation!…  ‘Human beings die once, and then the Judgment.’ Hebrews 9:27 ”  What our pastor finds absolute madness, “insanity to the highest degree,” is that most people on this “Death March” to the grave, never ever stop to consider their end.  “If we die in a state of grace, we shall live for all eternity.  If we die in mortal sin, we shall be damned for all eternity.”  No do-overs!

“The only guarantee of dying a holy death is living a holy life,” Monsignor Raun concluded.