Background Music

The “how to” of coming to live with a charged bit of Holy Scripture playing like music in the background, amid all the happenings of your day, is relatively simple.  Like everything in life that we desire, obtaining it means we have to reach for it in some way.  This “reaching” may be reading some scripture before you go to bed or at the beginning of a day.  Perhaps,  listening closely to the Word proclaimed at Mass.  You may think, so many words.  I know it can be messy.  The secret is to simplify.  What can be simpler than inviting the One whose words they are to speak to you.  Come Holy Spirit.  Speak to my heart. In effect, the Word you are seeking will choose for you.  Remember this Word is alive.  You dialogue with someone and here our someone is the third Person of the Trinity.

The thought that stops you for an instant, that seems to sink beneath your stony surface, is the one with which to stay.  The injunction of Holy Scripture that tells us “Pray without ceasing” (1Thessalonians 5:17) indicates the Holy Spirit’s desire for this conversation.  Recall the words that were given to you.  Listen during the day.  Ask questions or just remember.  That’s the beginning.  I don’t know about you, but in one way or another,  I’m always at the beginning.