Obama Got It Wrong!

USA Today published the latest Gallup Poll that showed Obama got it wrong.  This man of the people doesn’t yet know the People.  However, to be fair, I think when he signed the executive order to restore U.S. funding to organizations that perform and promote abortion in developing nations by repealing the Mexico City Policy he knew this act was out of step with the American will.  Obama, while he did some things with great fanfare, this sneak-signing was something he chose to do behind closed doors, out of the limelight and at such a time that it was thought in media circles that people wouldn’t notice. Well, he got that wrong too and people are noticing his propensity for rule by fiat and getting it wrong.

The Gallup Poll showed that only 35% of the polled 1027 people agreed with President Obama’s action.  Hadly, a popular action of necessity!  US taxpayer dollars will promote  and procure abortions in the name of America.  Thank you President Obama!

Super Bowl Bid Rejection by NBC

Super Bowl Bid Rejection of a  Pro-life Ad

The Super Bowl, known for its advertisements, as well as football and hoopla, won’t be showing  the CatholicVote.org ad.

Please don’t sit on the Super Bowl sidelines for this one..  All the noise that erupts on Sunday shouldn’t hold a candle to the voices of Catholics, Christians and all pro-life people who are in the majority on this one..

Thanks go to Matt Gardocki for  hunting down these  email addresses for Julie, the Happy Catholic

President and CEO, NBC Universal

President and COO, Universal Television Group

In charge of Broadcast Standards

President, NBC Sports

Executive VP Studios & Broadcast Operations

(Barbara) Bo.Argentino@nbcuni.com
Senior VP Advertising & Media Sales, NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution

VP Affiliate Advertising and Promotion Services, NBC Entertainment

Chairman, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics

VP Communications and Marketing, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics

Director of Program Standards