Tattoo Artist Turned Benedictine Monk

via Immaculate Heart Catholic Radio – Faith, Hope and Love.

Andre Love doesn’t look like your typical Benedictine monk. But for the last six years the former tattoo artist has been a member of the order at Mount Angel Abbey in Oregon, where he is an iconographer and curator of the Abbey’s art collection. The Statesman Journal recently profiled Brother Andre Love and his incredible journey to the monastic life.

Six years ago, Mount Angel Abbey’s serene hilltop campus shook, as leather-clad Bobby Love rolled in on his motorcycle. Love removed his helmet revealing pierced ears and a mop of dreadlocks. With tattoos on his hands, arms and neck, he looked like an extra on “Sons of Anarchy” not a someone attending a retreat for those who might become Catholic monks.

Love knew from a young age that he wanted to devote his life to being an artist. After dropping out of high school and serving in the army, he discovered he could make $100 an hour as a tattoo artist, and developed a reputation as a tattoo artist in New York, New Orleans, Seattle and Austin. Despite having friends and material comfort, Love was still unhappy. He told the Statesman Journal:

“Everything said I should be happy, but I felt very alone and adrift. I looked at myself and realized that I had become a product,” Love said. “I was doing art not as personal expression but for what the kids want, what the kids would shell out the coin for.”

It had become about money, brand and ego. It had become about drugs and booze. He’d left his family and divorced three times.

“I had no clue what love was. I had no clue how to love or how to let other people love me and that’s why I was miserable,” Love said.

He admitted being an addict.

“The addiction was only a symptom of a greater problem … spiritual bankruptcy,” Love said. “I came to the realization that I need God. I needed to be a whole person in the sense that it’s not just about the material or the physical, but there was a whole spiritual dynamic that I had completely ignored.”


via Immaculate Heart Catholic Radio – Faith, Hope and Love.

Run Nuns Run!

Checking in with the Anchoress I find this.

Nuns on the run!

Build, build build!

The Anchoress:

This monastery looks like it will be a true spiritual oasis, when completed. I think you’ll really enjoy checking it out, and if you have something or someone you want to memorialize, there are lots of opportunities, there.

It’s a great life!!

The Light of the East – "Breathe With Both Lungs"

Pope John Paul II in his encyclical Orientale Lumen, the Light of the East, asserted  that “the venerable and ancient tradition of the eastern churches is an integral part of the the heritage of the Catholic Church.”  The pope called upon all Catholics to become “fully acquainted with this treasure.”

I checked out ngchase’s recommendation Eastern Christian Media.  It looks beautiful and full of promise. Nelson says “there are some wonderful pieces on different aspects of the Eastern Christian faith! It also has a nice video of Fr Moses -of Holy Resurrection Monastery- cooking a nice meal. (I have had his cooking before and its great!)”