Cloud Clutter

Grey the day with cloud and clutter,
Music’s muted melody obscured,
Discord in search of harmony,
Gives lie to the Promise of His Presence,
If Truth were only that which can be seen.

Faith, though,
Believes not vision, but God,
For God’s sake.
All powers of perception,
But a touch of His finger,
A curtain parted for a peek,
Hardly the measure
Of the Almighty’s might.

By Faith,
The eyes of the soul see,
And pierce the veil,
Rendering gain,
That gleaned in blindness,
So I  count the clouds joy,
For Faith keeps hope alive.

I am all believing,
And with conviction,
Clutched and cradled,
Felt with the fingers of my trust.
I live the Promise of His Presence.

© 2012 Joann Nelander

Poetry Picnic week 23


Long Now,

Time unending,

Enduring immediacy,

Poorly perceived.

©2011 Joann Nelander

Poetry Picnic  Week 19

Divine Office

Morning Salutations!

Good morning World! I’m still waking-up; feet haven’t hit the floor yet.  I woke up to find my iPod beside me.  These days my iPod helps with so many different things even prayer. I’ve said my morning prayers including the Divine Office and had a chat with our all present Lord.  Now, I’m talking to you, though I haven’t even sat up yet.

I’m finding that technology is actually adding understanding to  my faith;  stay with me here. I’m thinking, I can’t see God from this pillow-station  (except by faith i.e. with my heart) but then I can’t see you, cyberlings, either. Yet, I know you are there. I know you in cyber-world are able to read this morning “Hello!” as soon as I click “publish.” Now, the tech world is great but we all must stand in awe of eternity. Without waves, wires or gizmos, God in His eternal being beholds me, waking and turning to Him.  God trumps technology! I get it.

So”Good morning, World!” And an ever greater “Mornin’ Lord” to our Lord and Savior!
God bless us, Everyone!

A Week's Journey

From a new WordPress blog

A reflection by Sr. La Donna Pinkelman:

Anxious, heavy-hearted, thirsting, yearning,

Expecting, wanting to be open, tired, uptight,

Fearful, yet hopeful, searching for a deep walk

With God, with myself.

Probing, getting in touch, drained,

Excited, amazed, awed, presence of the deepest kind,

constantly with me, dialoguing, communing,

Unlocking, emptying, freeing, healing.

Body, mind, spirit, touching, embracing, loving and

Being loved, with inward amazement,

New life penetrating, releasing, accepting,

My God, You deeply entered my life,

Renewed and cleansed and gifted me.

With new eyes, body, and heart, I praise and glorify,

Thank and acknowledge You, my companion, friend, spouse;

My life’s energy and source,  continue to abide with me

As I journey with You; following Your lead,

Receiving Your healing, living Your life

As You send it to me in joy and in peace.

by Sister La Donna Pinkelman, OSF   Sylvania, Ohio