Higher than the Mountains- Newly published – Available on Amazon

“Higher than the Mountains”, a book of poetry and prayer. It is a respite for your quieter moments. It is for those who “are anxious and worried about many things” and who now desire “the better part”, the something, or Someone, clothed in the ordinary, hidden in your heart. While drawing from my life experience as wife, mother, nurse, and artist, I also find inspiration all about me, though it is in the stillness that I listen best. Then my own voice fades away, but not until I speak my heart to God. In solitude, the world does seem to stand aside for the whisper or thunder or just the beating of my heart.

Sweet Solitude – Newly Published

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When My Heart Sings

My poetry begins and ends with prayer.  Jesus, His redeeming Death on the Cross, and trust in God’s desire to draw us ever closer to Him in Holy Love, is the music that makes my heart sing. I turn a listening ear to the rhapsody that plays throughout the Universe and Time to catch the notes that sound in the present moment. All creation sings God’s song.