Music of Mother

In my beginning,

You were there,

Constant in the throbs

That matched my own.


When I came forth

Into the light

Into the cold,

You were my warmth,



Now, you carry me,

At your bosom,

I sway gently

With your every move.


Even in sleep,

As in our earlier days,

With you surrounding me,

Your rhythm is comfort,

And your heartbeat, a lullaby.


Embraced, at your breast,

I learn the dance,

I follow your lead.


©2016 Joann Nelander


Research Confirms Rhythmic Cockatoo

LA times says  research confirms cockatoo  has rhythm.  Something  over 2 1/2 million people had already guessed, but it’s nice to know it’s official:

Wonder if they care about a dog with inflection and good diction?

Lenten Reflection

Trying to regain some balance.

From Whispers in the Loggia:

“Whatever the case, though, what matters isn’t the achievement, but the effort… not so much the accomplishment as the courage to try, and especially to try again, and again, and again.”

From Amy’s Via Media:

“The incarnation of God in Christ has so closely linked the two together–judgment and grace–that justice is firmly established: we all work out our salvation “with fear and trembling” (Phil 2:12). Nevertheless grace allows us all to hope, and to go trustfully to meet the Judge whom we know as our “advocate.” 1 Jn 2:1).”

From cause of our joy:

“St Paul says we should brag about nothing but the cross of Christ. so please indulge me while I brag about the itty bitty splinters of His cross which help me remember my place.
At the foot of the Cross.”

From: The Practicing Catholic

Nehemiah 8:9,10

Today is holy to the Lord your God.  Do not be sad, and do not weep; for today is holy to our Lord.  Do not be saddened this day, for rejoicing in the Lord must be your strength!

Rhythm of My Life

Thoughts from the Quiet:

If I can’t find my balance, Lord, at least help me set a rhythm to my life.  Let me return to You each day as though I’d never been away.  Flow in upon me, wash over me and carry away the debris of daily life.  Flotsam and jetsam too much for me, float like foam upon your waves.  My sands pristine and ready for tomorrow.  With eyes of faith, I  see Your footprints on the shore.

I wrote these lines  this morning and just a bit ago thanks to the Anchoress found this from Zoe at that goes beyond my thoughts.

From Flannery O’Connor’s letter to Alfred Corn on May 30, 1962:

Even in the life of a Christian, faith rises and falls like the tides of an invisible sea. It’s there, even when he can’t see it or feel it, if he wants it to be there. You realize, I think, that it is more valuable, more mysterious, altogether more immense than anything you can learn or decide upon in college. Learn what you can, but cultivate Christian scepticism. It will keep you free — not free to do anything you please, but free to be formed by something larger than your intellect or the intellects of those around you.