Trouble Mediating on the Mysteries of the Rosary?

From New Advent and Catholic Spiritual Direction:

A reader asks: “I am struggling with my Rosary meditation. Where should my attention be during the prayer?”Posted:

Our first task with the Rosary is to join her in each scene (mystery) presented. As we join her, we ask for her help and prayers as we gaze upon Christ. To bring this reality closer to our hearts, we can imagine ourselves standing with Mary. We are both looking at Christ in agony in the garden. We whisper to her to pray for us as we realize what is happening to Christ, and for us. We repeat our requests to her as both of us continue to engage with the mystery. Regardless of where we find ourselves after our initial efforts to focus our prayer on Christ, there are several principals that can help us maintain our peace when our minds seem to wander off...more here

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