She was there,
A magnificat of prayer.

She was there,
When the angel hailed her,
“Full of Grace”.

She was there,
Standing with the Beloved Disciple,

At Christ’s Cross and Dying,
She was there.

Full of Grace,
A Magnificat of prayer.

© 2018 Joann Nelander


From His Fullness

From His Fullness

Gabriel spoke God’s Words,
“Full of Grace”.

Was Gabriel wrong?
Was God wrong?
What does “full” mean to God?
Does it imply “except for”?

God’s fullness is for us His Children beyond comprehension?

Do not fear to take Mary for your mother, if you are His beloved disciple. She is His gift given with His Blood from the Cross. Her capacity to bless you flows from God’s fullness.

© 2018 Joann Nelander

Time and Genesis

Time and Genesis

Fr. Spitzer mentioned a Jewish thinker who thought about the days of Genesis’ creation account and applied Einstein time dilation n his calculations. This article by a Jewish astrophysicist makes for an interesting read and some amazing results to ponder.

Controversy over Amoris Laetisia

Controversy over Amoris Laetisia

For the Open -minded Atheist

For the Open -minded Atheist

Recommended reading for open minded atheists and agnostics: “The Experience of God” by David Brentley Hart. According to Dr. David Anders, it gets you outside a Christian bias and helps you approach the topic of God in a rigorous philosophical way. He also recommends Edward Feser’s “Five Proofs for the Existence of God,

Anthony Phlew’s “There is a God”

David Conway ‘s “Rediscovery of Wisdom”. Proofs for the Aristotelian concept of God. He is not a Christian and is not trying to prove the Christian concept of God

The Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls

The Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls

Here is a beautiful Way to end this year and begin 2018 with love, gratitude and faith, trusting in the grace of Almighty God.




O, my Savior, Jesus, Emmanuel,
With Your Birth,
The Father shed His Grace and Glory,
Upon the Earth.

Angels lit the sky,
And Heaven sang it’s welcome,
And a lullaby.

You slumbered at the Virgin’s breast,
While Death and Darkness,
Heard the death knell of its reign,
Rousing Herod to dread the same.

Striking with tooth and claw,
The Beast profane
Dispatched His might,
And slew all male babes of Bethlehem,
While Rachel cried in the Night.

At Abraham’s Bosom,
The Holy Innocents rested
With the Just,
While the Son of God and Man,
Grew, as did a tree,
That would on the Day,
Become a Cross,
And, with the of our Savior’s dying,
Serve, and bear our sins away.

© 2017 Joann Nelander