Miracle of the Sun


Darkness had come upon the land,

A darkness so thick,

It could be felt.


You spoke and said to me,

I will awake the dawn.

Rising early, I raised my arms to heaven

And Your sun entered my soul.



A thousand candles,

Burn on the altar of my heart.

Piercing the darkness,

Are Your eyes of Love.

Cascading streams of Light,

Illuminating that cavern,

That was Sin.


Lord, help me

Return Your gaze.

I behold You, darkly,

New to the blinding Light.


Dancing Miracle of Sun

Accustom my open eyes to Your Spirit

To receive the sun and moonbeams

As You eclipse the Night.


© 2012  Joann Nelander

All rights reserved

Draw Close to God

Draw close to God.
Remove competing wills.
In humility,
Take your repose.
Pride conquers all,
Til dying on Christ’s Cross.

Boundless Heart,
Encompassing Universes,
In all dimensions,
You are outside of Time,
Yet close to me.
Eclipse all matter,
Minds, and might,
To draw me nigh to Thee.


Copyright Joann Nelander ©2011   All rights reserved.